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Boy or girl? Puppy or adult?

After you have decided to choose for a Yorkshire terrier, there are two more important questions to answer. 1) Are you bringing a girl or boy in to your home, and 2) will it be a puppy or an adult dog? When people contact me to ask if I have dogs available they often inquire after puppies and a certain sex. In some cases I then propose to (re)consider this choice. It is important to ask yourself, what is this choice based on? Some people say that Yorkshire terrier males are a bit more stable in their behaviour and easier to potty train. Of course the choice for a certain sex can also be influenced by other animals in your household. The most important thing is to choose a dog that suits your heart, and not base the choice solely on sex-issues or age.

Puppies grow to adulthood in two years, after which you will have at least 10 years with them with the right care. I don’t part with my puppies before two weeks after the second vaccination (just before 3 months). Buying a dog that is slightly older than that has the advantage that you will have a better view on its character and development.

The following age categories are used in kynology:

  • Baby puppy: up to 6 months;
  • Puppy: 6-9 months;
  • Junior: 9-18 months;
  • Intermediate: 15-24 months;
  • Adult: 24 months and up.

All my puppies and adults have outstanding pedigrees and certificate of DNA Analysis, are chipped, de-wormed and vaccinated. Adults are also checked for absence of Patella Luxation (knee problems). All of our dogs are registered at "Raad van Beheer", FCI partner and provided with a pedigree and EU-passport with health certificate by a qualified veterinarian.

Puppy news

Nice little puppy-bitch, from champion parents and ancestors. 

Dark, silky coat, nice head, small ears, straight top line, high tail set and very sweet character. Ready to leave for her own owner.